Our program is designed to help patients improve their health by achieving and maintaining their goal body weight, through nutrition, exercise, behavioral counseling, and medication.

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All patients in our program undergo laboratory, cardiac, and metabolic testing to ensure your individual weight loss plan is safe.


We use a program that is clinically proven in the American Journal of Medicine with an average of 11.1% excess weight loss at 12 weeks.

Covered by Insurance

Medicare and most commercial insurance plans offer “wellness benefits” that include weight loss management without any co-pay, deductible, or co-insurance.

Professional Team

Our providers are Licensed Nurse Practitioners supervised by a Board-Certified Internist.

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Individualized Planning

No two persons are exactly alike and the same should go for Weight Loss Programs. At Woodlands Weight Management & Wellness center our goal is serve our patients with individualized plans that promotes success and

Meal Plan

Flexible Nutritional Approaches


General Exercise Recommendations


Routine office appointments with healthcare

How it work?

1.- Scheduling

We work hard to make scheduling a new patient appointment efficient and simple. Call 850-696-4479 to schedule your pre-visit testing and initial appointment. You will need to complete paperwork prior to the visit.

2.- Pre-visit testing

  • Several tests will be scheduled at least one week before you initial consultation and can all be performed during one visit to the office that will last approximately 45 minutes:



3.-Initial Consultation

The initial consultation begins by stepping on our body composition scale, which measures your weight, percent body fat, percent muscle, and percent water. You will then meet one of our nurse practitioners and she will conduct a focused medical evaluation anddiscuss the following aspects of your individual weight loss program. 

4.- Follow-up visits

The frequency of your follow-up visits will depend on your individual needs. We recommend a weekly visit for the first month of the program, a visit every two weeks during months two and three.

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No Facility Fees at Woodlands

Woodlands provides convenient onsite access to fully accredited advanced imaging services, and an in-house laboratory.

Patients in our program undergo laboratory, cardiac, and metabolic testing to ensure than their individual weight loss plan is safe.



    HealthTrac APP

    This app is connected to our system and allows you to easily and conveniently track your daily progress, weight, exercise, sleep, meals and other metrics from your phone or device. Learn more

    NOTE: Free for Woodlands Weight Management & Wellness Center's patients.

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    Replacement Meals

    Our program include a Meal Replacement options with products created to fit our dietary protocol.These products are not sold in stores and are only available through a medically licensed professional.  Learn more

    For your convinient, you can order online and pick up your meal replacement at our office the next day (order need to be made by 4:00 pm)

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    Weight Loss Medication

    Woodlands Weight Management & Wellness Center, we believe that a calorie-controlled diet along with behavior modification and regular exercise are the essential elements of weight management.

    We prescribe weight loss medications to patients who have reached a plateau in their weight loss, who are having difficulty achieving their daily calorie goal, or who have medical problems that require medication for optimal control.

    Learn more about our Weight Loss Medication component




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