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Woodlands Weight Management is a medically supervised weight loss program designed to help you reach your weight loss goals in a realistic and safe way. A science-based approach that gives you the tools to maintain the new weight once you have completed the program.

Through nutrition planning, replacement meal, exercise and behavioral counseling and medication, we offer a program that is comprehensive, safe and individualized.


How it works

Meal Planning 

• Develop individualized meal plans.
• Revision of meal plan
to prevent weight loss “plateaus”
• Flexible Nutritional Approaches
• Meal Replacement Options

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Exercise Counseling

• Goal: Get more active!
• Cardiovascular Clearance Testing
• General Exercise Recommendations


Behavorial Counseling

• Routine office appointments with healthcare professional
• Individualized Behavioral Counseling on a schedule that promotes success and accountability
•HealthTrac App 

How to start?


1.- Scheduling

We work hard to make scheduling a new patient appointment efficient and simple. Call 850-696-4479 to schedule your pre-visit testing and initial appointment. You will need to complete paperwork prior to the visit.

2.- Pre-visit testing

The following tests will be scheduled at least one week before your initial consultation and can all be performed during one visit to the office that will last approximately 45 minutes:

  • Fasting blood work: To test thyroid, kidney, and liver function and to screen for diabetes and cholesterol disorders.

  • Electrocardiogram: To screen for heart disease prior to prescribing an exercise program or weight loss medication

3.-Initial Consultation

The initial consultation begins by stepping on our body composition scale, which measures your weight, percent body fat, percent muscle, and percent water.
You will then meet one of our nurse practitioners and she will conduct a focused medical evaluation and 
discuss the following aspects of your individual weight loss program.

4.- Follow-up visits

The frequency of your follow-up visits will depend on your individual needs. We recommend a weekly visit for the first month of the program, a visit every two weeks during months two and three.

Request your consultation now: (850) 696-4479

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